Cadillac, SRX – 1901, Phoenix

Enjoyed this track thoroughly – Cadillac is still trying to break from it’s geriatric brand.  The music from Phoenix is edgy, electric and full of energy.

The band Phoenix is a French group.  In their own words:

4 Parisian boys with brotherly love

Find out the latest on the Phoenix site or via Twitter @wearephoenix

If you enjoy remixes, it’s always fun to see all the different 1901 remixes all together

Get 1901 by Phoenix on Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix - 1901

[youtube 2CasjUOwkdI]

Dawn – Wash Away, Joe Purdy

Warm and fuzzy commercial about how Dawn helps save wildlife – one animal at a time. Wash Away by Joe Purdy provides the mellow backdrop as crude oil is gently washed from penguins and ducklings.

In the spirit of full disclosure, here is a list of consumer products by Procter & Gamble (maker of Dawn).  Some of their other products such as Bounty (disposable paper towels), Swiffer (disposable cleaning products), and Duracell (disposable batteries) do not seem especially environmentally focused, but at least they’re trying, I guess.

Joe Purdy is an independent singer song writer.  See what Joe is up to:

Get Wash Away on Joe Purdy - Julie Blue - Wash Away
[youtube aUkOgE4K7j4]

Apple iPhone 3GS – Mr. Pitiful, Matt Costa

Ah the benefits of being SuperFast – as in with the new iPhone 3GS.  This ad shows how a skateboarder is easily recorded & uploaded onto the Internet by the new device,  while Mr. Pitiful by Matt Costa chimes along.  It’s ironic that Matt Costa was almost a professional skateboarder… Continue reading Apple iPhone 3GS – Mr. Pitiful, Matt Costa

Travelers Insurance Dog – Trouble, Ray LaMontagne

When a bone is more than just a bone, this commercial builds up great empathy for it’s canine star.  Along with a mellow backdrop from Ray LaMontagne, this ad is a memorable vignette.

More on Ray LaMontagne here:

Get Trouble on Ray LaMontagne - Trouble - Trouble
[youtube 5G7bGBUlx2M]

Blackberry – I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight, U2

There is more to this commercial than it seems.  This joint ad (a recent trend in TV commercials) for U2 and Blackberry promotes the new U2 Mobile Album as part of Blackberry’s App World.

The ubiquitous U2 sound i.e. the song I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight from their recent album No Line on the Horizon mixes well with the sleek production.

See what Blackberry is up to with the new App World

U2 is here:

Get I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight U2 - No Line On the Horizon - I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight

Get the full album: No Line on the Horizon U2 - No Line On the Horizon

[youtube a89t9odmqQA]

Palm Pre, Sprint – Doorway, IO Echo

The pulsing beat from IO Echo introduces the new Palm Pre, only time will tell if the Pre can get under the skin of Blackberry & iPhone.

IO Echo is a edgy, rock band originally from the “east coast.” Although, they now seem to call LA home. Lead vocalist, IO, also plays guitar/keyboard along with her concert band mates: Michael Edelstein, Aram Kirakosian, Paul Rinis, Salvatore Romano, and Leopold Ross.

Check out what’s new with IO Echo:

Get Doorway on Io Echo - Doorway - Single - Doorway

[youtube h-q1teGeRY8]

Dentyne – Summer Day, Coconut Records

Quirky sound by Coconut Records highlights how direct communication is often underestimated in this smoochy Dentyne commercial.

Coconut Records is a solo artist based in Los Angeles which is none other than Jason Schwartzman with contributions from Zooey Deschanel.  He has been moonlighting as an indie musician while not acting/writing  films like The Darjeeling Limited or Rushmore.  Jason also used to be the drummer for the band, Phantom Planet.

Learn more about Coconut Records:

Get Summer Day on Coconut Records - Nighttiming - Summer Day
[youtube QMoT1abNipM]

NBA Finals – Fly, Ludovico Einaudi

This instrumental ballad absolutely entrances.  Minimal and fluid, Fly, is a great fit for an ad hyping the unknown.  The NBA found some amazing music this year: Fly by Ludovico Einaudi.

Ludovico Einaudi is originally from Turin, Italy.  As a classical composer and pianist he has produced ten classical (mainly piano) albums since 1996.  Interesting fact: his grandfather, Luigi, was the President of the Italian Republic.

The song Fly is from his 2007 album Divenire.

Learn more about Ludovico Einaudi

Get Fly on Ludovico Einaudi - Divenire - Fly

NOTE : not sure why pulled the LeBron version, but they did…Kobe has graciously taken his place.

[youtube fAe0qnpOohA]

Visa – Tuesday Afternoon, Moody Blues

An aquatic adventure to the tune of Tuesday Afternoon by the Moody Blues.

The Moody Blues, a band from Birmingham, England, was founded by Michael Pinder and Ray Thomas in 1964.  The band lives on despite numerous member changes over the years.  Amazingly, they are still touring.

Check in with Moody Blues:

Get Tuesday Afternoon on The Moody Blues & London Festival Orchestra - Anthology: the Moody Blues - Tuesday Afternoon (Forever Afternoon)
[youtube oMsveqwyUgE]

Honda, Insight – Together, Rabbit

Upbeat tune that “mixes so well it’s no surprise” with the parking lot scene from this Honda commercial. This acoustic song, Together, is by Rabbit.

Rabbit is a band based in Mount Dora, Florida with members Ashton and Devin.

See whats new with Rabbit: or

Get Together Rabbit - The Rabbit! - EP - Together

[youtube cfQ-JUR7dEQ]