House, Broken – Love Vigilantes, New Order (cover by Iron & Wine)

In the two-hour season premiere, House begins a for of give and take with his fellow inmates at the asylum.  Despite showing his more human side, he is mostly scheming to free himself…

Oh, I’ve just come from the land of the sun
From a war that must be won in the name of truth…

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Scrubs, Season 8 – Catch My Disease, Ben Lee

Scrubs episode 1: “My Jerks”

“My Jerks” is the first Scrubs episode for season 8. The song, Catch My Disease by Ben Lee pops along behind a scene where each character (beginning with Dr. Cox) faces off with their challenges head-on.

Ben Lee, originally for Sydney, Australia began his musical career at the age of 14 with the band Noise Addict. Catch My Disease was also featured on Grey’s Anatomy as well as a Dell commercial in 2006.

Find out more about Ben Lee here:

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For now you can watch “My Jerks” on ABC: Scrubs – ABC

House MD , Season 3 – Waiting on an Angel, Ben Harper

Waiting on an Angel by Ben Harper is deeply soulful – this melody always seems to put life on pause. In Season 3 of House, the simple actions of an autistic boy bring out the human side of Dr. House.

Ben Harper began his love of music in Claremont, California.

Find out what’s new with Ben at or on his MySpace page.

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Paul Newman Tribute from David Letterman

David Letterman at his best, spends almost the first 10 minutes of his show praising and sharing a little about the generous life of Paul Newman. Great stories about beer, Volkswagen vans, and generosity & charity.

It’s a great tribute to someone who gave so much back anyone and everyone. Wish there were more celebrities like Paul Newman in today’s crop of top stars, although with the way media is these days there very well could be…

The song played at the end is Hallelujah originally written and performed by Leonard Coen – the version used here is a cover by Rufus Wainwright.

John Cale John Cale - Scrubs (Original Television Soundtrack) - Hallelujah and Jeff Buckley Jeff Buckley - Grace - Hallelujah have also done covers that are well known.

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CSI, Season 8 – Grissom’s Overture, John Keane

Grissom’s Overture is a solemn ode that boosts the dramatic tension in this roller coaster scene from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

John M Keane had an early start in the entertainment business. At the age of 11 he performed (along with his brother Tom) on the Tonight Show in the 1970’s as the The Keane Brothers. Since then John has composed music for a number of television shows including CSI.

Learn more about John M Keane via this fan site: The Keane Brothers.

Unfortunately, Grissom’s Overture is not available as an individual track (yet?), but you can get the CSI Soundtrack on Amazon, which includes a number of other songs composed by John M. Keane.

Brothers & Sisters, Season 1 – Ooh Child, Five Stairsteps

The soulful music from Ooh Child highlights the rambunctious and light-hearted scene from the last episode in Brothers and Sisters, Matriarchy.

The Five Stairsteps originally recorded Ooh Child in 1970 and were the “First Family of Soul.”  A title which was later bestowed upon the Jackson 5.

Find out more about their music & story at

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