Travelers Insurance Dog – Trouble, Ray LaMontagne

When a bone is more than just a bone, this commercial builds up great empathy for it’s canine star.  Along with a mellow backdrop from Ray LaMontagne, this ad is a memorable vignette.

More on Ray LaMontagne here:

Get Trouble on Ray LaMontagne - Trouble - Trouble
[youtube 5G7bGBUlx2M]

House, Season 5 – I Still Care for You, Ray Lamontagne

Painless, the 12th episode from House, features the mellow intonations of Ray Lamontagne in his song – I Still Care for You.

Ray is a folk singer/songwriter originally from New Hampshire, now settled in Maine.  He is best know for his raspy vocals and soft melodies.

Find out what Ray is up to here:

Get I Still Care for You on Ray LaMontagne - Gossip In the Grain - I Still Care for You