Sony Bravia – She’s a Rainbow, Rolling Stones

Sony Bravia shows its colors (or colours) through some impressive claymation.  The musical build-up is classic Rolling Stones – She’s a Rainbow.

The Rolling Stones officially formed in 1962 in London, England.  Early on they were heavily influenced by American Blues and R&B.  With at least 30 albums produced (studio & concert) and over 200 million albums sold around the globe – The Rolling Stones continue to delight our ears.

Catch up with The Rolling Stones at their website,

Get She’s a Rainbow on The Rolling Stones - Their Satanic Majesties Request - She's a Rainbow
[youtube CLUAbkRUvVQ]

AT&T – You’re Supposed to Be My Friend, 1990s

This computer animated ATT commercial highlights the new-but-old features of a walkman phone from Sony Ericsson. The rocky, upbeat You’re Supposed to Be My Friend, plays throughout the ad. This particular version sounds slightly remixed – the original track is still very similar.

The 1990s consist of band members Jackie, Michael, and Dino.

They call Glaskow, England home, and you can find out more about their music at their website: or MySpace.

Get You’re Supposed to Be My Friend on 1990s - Cookies - You're Supposed to Be My Friend