Kia Soul – Fort Knox, Goldfish

Hamsters can roll in style too.  Funny commercial from Kia highlights what lemmings we can be.  The Kia Soul enters the scene with a stand out track, Fort Knox by Goldfish.

Based out of beautiful Cape Town, South Africa – Dominic Peters and David Poole are the core members of the electronica-dance group.  They started as collegiate DJ’s and have since moved up the ranks with songs like Fort Knox – their new music from Caught in the Loop is just as energizing.

Check out what the gold fish are up to:

Fort Knox is included in the album, Perceptions of Pacha:  download it directly from Goldfish:

Or grab the most recent Goldfish album, Caught in the Loop, on Goldfish - Caught In the Loop
[youtube HQ-CDE_r_wg]

Jailer, Asa

Sometimes we just hear something that is inspiring on its own…

While scouring for music and other new stuff, came across this video thanks to Brett Dennen (who is fantastic in his own right).

The music is by Asa, a French-Nigerian musical artist who blends different musical genres flawlessly.

Thanks Brett for sharing this. Thanks Asa for making your music.

Enjoy! – the video build-up is fantastic…

For some more info on Asa read this on the BBC or check her out on MySpace

Get it on Asah - Jailer - Jailer (Full Mix)

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Song: Jailer by Asa