Target – Calabria 2008, Enur featuring Natasja Saad

This Target commercial shakes to Calabria 2008. Get your dance on to this hot beat. Calabria 2008 by Enur featuring Natasja is a club favorite.

Enur is a Danish musical group that creates a blend of reggae, soca, R&B, and dance music.

DJ Rune RK and Johannes Torpe are the members of Enur. They made it big with a re-make of the track formerly known as Calabria, which features Natasja Saad.

Natasja Saad was a Danish rapper/reggae singer. Sadly Natasja died in a car crash while in Jamaica in 2007.

Find out more about Enur here:

Get Calabria 2008 on Enur - Raggatronic - Calabria 2008 (feat. Natasja)


Get Calabria 2007 (club mix) on Enur - Calabria 2007 - Calabria 2007 (Club Mix)

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[youtube WfqEG7ZPO1k]

Target – Brand New Day, Tim Myers & Lindsey Ray

This new Target ad highlights all the big new changes you can make with just a little coin. Brand New Day is a great feel good anthem for this commercial.

Hailing from Orange, California, Tim Myers crafted Brand New Day. He’s also a member of OneRepublic. At the early age of 5, Lindsey Ray knew she was going to be a singer.

See what Tim and Lindsey are up to on MySpace.

Get Brand New Day on Tim Myers - Brand New Day (feat. Lindsey Ray) - Single - Brand New Day (feat. Lindsey Ray)

[youtube KdTwVCNKxV8]