Visa – Tuesday Afternoon, Moody Blues

An aquatic adventure to the tune of Tuesday Afternoon by the Moody Blues.

The Moody Blues, a band from Birmingham, England, was founded by Michael Pinder and Ray Thomas in 1964.  The band lives on despite numerous member changes over the years.  Amazingly, they are still touring.

Check in with Moody Blues:

Get Tuesday Afternoon on The Moody Blues & London Festival Orchestra - Anthology: the Moody Blues - Tuesday Afternoon (Forever Afternoon)
[youtube oMsveqwyUgE]

Visa Debit – Moving On, Myrtle Street Connection

Absurd reality dominates this commercial while the song, Moving On, offers an energizing beat.

Myrtle Street Connection is an indie pop-folk band based in New South Wales, Australia. The core members are Elliot Wheeler and Emma Hoy, but they collaborate with various other artists. As is the case with Moving On where Andy Calvert (singer from Wifey) does the vocals.

See what’s new with Myrtle Street Connection at:

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[youtube -NIxGmSl838]

Visa – Super Freak, Rick James

In this new Visa commercial, Super Freak by Rick James acts as the glue for a panoply of characters who try to “sing along.”

Rick James (RIP) is an iconic MoTown, R&B, Funk singer songwriter also known for You and I and Ebony Eyes hits in the 70’s & 80’s. MC Hammer used the base track from Super Freak resulting in amazing success with his single U Can’t Touch This (1990). Catch Hammer live on Twitter @mchammer.

The Ultimate Collection
The Ultimate Collection

Rick James’ drug problems were again made infamous by a Dave Chappelle/Charlie Murphy skit in 2004 where many one-liners have become ubiquitous catch phrases.

Get Super Freak on Rick James - Rick James: The Ultimate Collection - Super Freak

Video link coming soon…

Visa – Today, Smashing Pumpkins

The anthem, Today by the Smashing Pumpkins energizes this Visa commercial about getting back on your feet despite tough times.

The Smashing Pumpkins started in 1988 as a loud raucous band from Chicago. They grew to become one of the best known alternative rock bands of the 90s.

In 2000 they disbanded – however Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin (half of the original group) rekindled Smashing Pumpkins in 2006.

Check out the new Smashing Pumpkins here:

Get Today on Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream - Today
[youtube HTZl6TmJ0sA]